Students will gain the tools needed to choose, prepare, and present Spirit-filled Christian music for a church service or any other venue designated by the church leadership.
Men will be prepared to work in a local church as music directors, including filling positions such as song leader, choir director, and orchestra conductor, in addition to serving in many other capacities as an assistant pastor. Ladies will be prepared to work as music coordinators, children’s choir directors, special music leaders, or other positions in the local church music ministry.

Key Classes in Church Music

  • Music Theory, MU100

    An introduction to the basic elements of tonal harmony, principles of voice leading and part writing in root position, and principles of harmonic progression. 

  • Music Technology, MU200

    Practical training of music notation software (Sibelius) as well as audio/visual technology.

  • Church Music Admin., MU300

    A comprehensive course on how to organize and build a framework for a soul-winning music department. Students will take the music philosophy and go a step further to produce a practical and helpful music ministry for a local church.

Dr. Jennifer Petticoffer

Head of Music Department

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