The General Studies program is a two-year or four-year program designed for men and ladies who want to receive a strong, Bible-based education but who have not received a specific call to church leadership. This program provides a well- rounded education suitable for those who would serve profitably in the ministries of a local church as part of a faithful church membership.

Key Classes in General Studies

  • Christology, TH100

    An in-depth topical study of the bible relating to the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Hermeneutics, TH201

    The first of two courses designed to familiarize the student with the theory and methodology of studying the Scripture. Course one will emphasize basic techniques of recognizing context.

  • Bible Anthropology, TH402

    An in-depth topical study of th Bible relating to origin, nature, and culture of man. 

Mr. Joe Koenig

Head of General Studies Department

Interested in the General Studies Program? 
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