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Pastor Bob Gray II 

Indeed you have seen at least one of those commercials by Tunnels2Towers, or St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, in which they show you pictures of injured warriors or children with illnesses and ask you to partner with them monthly to help them continue to make a difference.

For the past 40 years, TIBS has trained men and women to be LIFE CHANGERS. To continue this tradition, I need your help. I am asking you to partner with us monthly @ $50 for the next twelve months. This will help us further our vision to train men and women for the ministry.


We are embarking on the development of seven new buildings, which will include:

  • student life building,

  • a chapel building that will house our mission and theology majors,

  • education building to teach education majors

  • music hall building for our music majors with individual practice rooms

  • two-story coffee shop for student fellowship

  • a new gymnasium,

  • an athletic area that will include basketball and volleyball courts along with a pavilion

  • these are in addition to our existing three-story dorm and student building

This campus expansion begins this month with breaking ground on a bookstore student center that should be completed by Spring Semester.


As you can see, LIFE CHANGERS will have a LIFE-CHANGING experience here at TIBS. Where your investment is monetary, our dividends will be eternal.


Will you partner with us today?  Invest in training a LIFE CHANGER!

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Partner with us 

Invest in a LIFE CHANGER


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