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TIBS History

The History of TIBS

Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools was founded as Texas Baptist College in 1982. The seminary was established as an institution to train men and ladies to become servants of God in local New Testament churches around the world. 

The first classes were held upstairs in the main church building, and dormitory housing was limited. The property was eventually acquired adjacent to the church campus, where an existing building was remodeled into a one-story ladies' dormitory. Programs of study were expanded to include Theology, Education, Music, and Secretarial studies, as well as master's courses.

In 2001, a beautiful 3-story dormitory was erected for the housing of the on-campus students. Other updates included additional parking, a landscaped plaza, and a site plan for campus expansion. In 2012, Texas Baptist College was renamed Texas Independent Baptist Seminary and Schools. 

After more than forty years, the seminary continues to train men and ladies to be servant leaders in New Testament churches “… for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” 

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools (TIBS) is dedicated to educating and training God-called servants of Jesus Christ to work in New Testament Baptist churches and their ministries.

Core Values

Core Values

The Word of God

The King James Bible is the center of everything taught at TIBS. Every major has an emphasis in scriptural studies, with most classes using the Bible as the major resource material. Courses are structured to guide students in learning to study and properly interpret the Bible, acquire a good overview of Scripture, and receive detailed exposition of major Bible doctrines. All of this is designed to develop individuals who know the Scriptures, understand its principles, and apply its truths to daily life.


Community Outreach

In addition to the opportunity to work in the ministry of the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview on the weekends, every student will also be a part of a small ministry team of students who work in area local churches. Students visit and win souls in the area of their assigned church on Saturday. They become an active part of that church’s Sunday school and morning service on Sunday morning – playing the piano, leading singing, preaching, teaching in Sunday school, baptizing converts.

Old-Fashioned Standards and Convictions

TIBS stands for the old-time religion, where separation from the world is taught, preached, and practiced. In accordance with Scripture, TIBS teaches that indulgence in worldly amusements or practices is damaging both to one’s testimony and personal walk with God. TIBS students are not ashamed to be identified as old-fashioned, independent Baptists in their actions and their appearance.


Practical, Hands-on Training

Every class day, students at Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools engage with the office staff of the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview in a real-world work setting. 


Personal Character Development

The educational experience provided by TIBS is designed to impact both the student’s mind and heart. Living in a residence hall provides an atmosphere that emphasizes godliness, dependence upon the Holy Spirit, and obedience to God’s Word as well as God’s authorities. Spiritual emphasis is evident by the chapel services, classroom instruction, dormitory devotions, and special conferences. TIBS offers an atmosphere that provides the students' guidance and direction, thus making a lasting impact on each student’s life.


Lasting Friendships

TIBS provides the opportunity to form lasting friendships with others through banquets, special events, and dating activities. We believe that these extracurricular activities are important for creating a balanced individual.

Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools believes that God is the source of all knowledge and wisdom and has revealed that knowledge and wisdom to man through His Word. Since education is the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom through teaching and learning, TIBS endeavors to provide an environment and faculty that are Scripturally based and will challenge its students intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The final goal of each student should be to glorify their Lord and Saviour through a lifetime of service.

Texas Independent Baptist Seminary & Schools operates on a core curriculum standard. Upon declaring a course of study (major), students are enrolled in a core curriculum program designed to achieve the following results:

  • Develop a commitment to the pursuit of learning

  • Demonstrate a seminarian level of competence in

    their field of ministry

  • Develop the ability to communicate Scriptural values

    and beliefs

  • Exercise leadership skills

Confession of Faith
Code of Conduct


of Faith

Staff and Faculty

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Dr. Bob Gray II

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Dr. Darrell Moore

Staff & Faculty
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