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Pastoral Theology Courses

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TH 100 Bible Geography and Anthropology

A study of the cultures represented within the scope of scripture and the geography of the land of Israel and surrounding areas in order to provide a greater context for the narratives of the scriptures.

TH 300 Christology

Students study Who Christ is through His manifestations in both the Old and New Testaments and how the character of God was perfectly demonstrated in His incarnation.

TH 101 Eschatology

Study the prophecies of the end times as given in both the Old and New Testaments, including a Biblical understanding of the church age, the rapture, the tribulation period, the second coming of Christ, the millennial reign of Christ, and the kingdom of God.

TH 204 & 205
Homiletics 1 & 2

A practical course in preaching and in the various methods of systematic sermon preparation. In addition to classroom study, students preach in front of their peers as well as on street corners and in other common venues.

TH 203 Soteriology

Students study the doctrines of the New Testament as they relate to the salvation of man, including salvation, justification, redemption, reconciliation, and others. 

TH 303 Biblical Counseling

Students learn the principles of pastoral counseling, including answering a church member’s real-life problems with scripture, recognizing and obeying the power of Holy Spirit conviction, and other practical topics such as resolving tension in marriages and family, overcoming the bonds of sin, and more.

TH 110 & 111 Church Ministries

Each semester different staff men from the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview, along with guest speakers, present the detailed workings of the ministries they lead and the practical, everyday workings of a local church; learn how to run a nursing home ministry, how to conduct a wedding, how to organize a church nursery, and so much more.

TH 302 Hamartiology

Students study sin, what it is, its effects on men’s lives, Christ’s provision for its cleansing, and the practical aspects of leading men to a scriptural dealing with and recovering from sin to lead productive Christian lives.

TH 403 Paterology

A study of God the Father throughout the Old and New Testaments, the trinity, His names and attributes, His covenants with man throughout the ages, and His special relationship with man as our “Heavenly Father”.

TH 301 Teleutology

Study the eternal state of man, including death, heaven, hell, and eternity.

TH 103 Bibliology

What is the Word of God, how was it transmitted to man, how was it preserved from generation to generation, what difference does a translation make, and how is the Word of God powerful in the lives of Christians today? These and many other questions are addressed in this class.

MI 204 Cults

A study of those groups who claim Christ as their head but reject the truth of Who He is, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh-Day Adventists, and others. Class includes discussions of witnessing to those deceived by these groups.

TH 201 & 202 Hermeneutics 1 & 2

Students learn the theory and methodology of studying the scripture, including basic techniques of recognizing context and comparing scripture with scripture, along with an emphasis on making practical application of doctrinal truth.

TH 104 Pneumatology

A scriptural study of the Holy Spirit, Who He is, how he has worked in the lives of men throughout the scriptures, and how he works in the everyday lives of men now.

MI 205 World Religions

Study the major religions of the world, including Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others, along with helps to win someone to Christ from these religions.

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