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Religious Education Courses

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ED 100 World History 

An overview of World History, including Creation, Old World History, New World History, Map Studies, etc.

ED 104 Philosophy of Education 

Explores the Biblical foundations of Christian Education, a history of education generally, and a history of Christian education.

ED 205 Educational Psychology 

A study of educational philosophies, both secular and biblical, with a view of their practical difference in the K-12 classroom.

ED 302 United States History 

A review of the history of the United States from a Biblical perspective. Students will build a framework of US History from which they can more effectively understand and teach the subject in the K-12 school.

ED 305 Teaching English 

Students learn the various methods and difficulties teaching English in the Christian school. This course pairs practical instruction with peer-to-peer teaching, as students teach lessons to their fellow students in the TIBS classroom.

MA 201 General Math 

Continuing from the material presented in Basic Math, concepts previously presented in that course are studied at more advanced levels and with more complex equations, including instruction on solving word problems.

ED 101 Child Psychology 

A study of a child’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical development emphasizes the teaching-learning process at different stages, spiritual development, and the teaching of self-discipline.

ED 200 Teaching Math 

A class focusing on the fundamentals of techniques for teaching mathematics in a Christian school, including the basics of classroom instruction, drills, board work, classwork, games, etc.

ED 300 Classroom Management 

Students learn to run a K-12 school classroom, including preparation of curriculum and the classroom environment, time management, organization of materials and records, and classroom discipline.

ED 303 Christian School Administration 

Learn to oversee the planning and preparation of the academic year and the management and supervision of teachers and staff in a Christian school.

ED 310 Teaching Science/History

A class designed to teach future Christian school teachers how to teach science and history from a scriptural perspective. 

MA 202 Basic Algebra 

A course designed to familiarize students with fundamental algebraic concepts, including inequalities, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, and fundamental trigonometry.

ED 103 Teaching Bible 

Organizing a Bible class that will make an impact on the lives of Christian school students. The course will teach how to use visuals, songs, character traits, and Bible memory for grades kindergarten through sixth.

ED 204 Tests and Measurements 

Learn to effectively use and/or create tools of measurement and evaluation in the classroom, including setting educational objectives, testing and writing tests, grading, and evaluating student achievement.

ED 301 Teaching Reading 

A class designed to teach future Christian school teachers the phonics approach to reading along with spelling and handwriting.

ED 304 Teaching Methods

An in-depth study explaining and demonstrating the most effective methods of teaching, with emphasis on story-telling and visual aids.

MA 200 Basic Math 

A review of primary and elementary mathematics principles, including basic multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, graphs, basic geometry, fractions, decimals, percents, simple equations, converting measurements, etc.

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